A Parish food pantry consisting of cans and dry goods is available to those seeking assistance.   The pantry is kept stocked through the generous donations of our parishioners.

Parishioners seeking financial assistance may be interviewed by members of the St. Vincent de Paul Group; cases will be evaluated based on need and our ability to help them.

Parishioners who are homebound due to illness or age are visited by Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

For more information on any of the above circumstances, please contact Mrs. Linda Mastrangelo at the Rectory.

The Witnesses of Mercy

The Witnesses of Mercy program is comprised of a group of trained volunteers who can provide personal contact with residents of Howard Beach who are unable to leave their homes due to illness or age related issues.

They can offer home visits or be in contact with you by telephone. These dedicated volunteers will be your link to the community so that you can keep up to date on information, events and news.

If you are sick or homebound and would like to have a Witnesses of Mercy volunteer from our community visit or contact you, please contact Patricia Rizzo-McCabe at (917) 312-7072, or email her at goodrecords1@verizon.net.